Why Mattresses in a Box Are Not What You Think

Why Mattresses in a Box Are Not What You Think

When it comes to choosing a new mattress, there are countless options out there. And if it’s been a few years since you were in the market for one, it may seem daunting to buy a mattress in a box online. But there are lots of misconceptions out there about boxed mattresses. So we’re here to set the record straight on the most common ones!

Myth: You can’t sleep on your mattress right away.

Fact: Although it will take 48 – 72 hours for your mattress to fully decompress, sleeping on the mattress on night one is allowed and even encouraged. Lying or rolling on it actually helps speed up the decompression process. No need to wait to enjoy your brand new bed!

Myth: All of them are cheaply made and won’t last very long.

Fact: There is a wide array of types of mattresses that come in a box. And in reality, the quality of a boxed mattress can be just as good (if not better) than some you would find in a mattress showroom. At Zinus, we own our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and therefore control exactly what goes into each product. This ensures you end up with the highest quality mattress that meets rigorous standards, like CertiPUR-US® certification guidelines for all foam. And if you don’t believe it, we’d recommend browsing some of our customer reviews (we have over 1 million globally, after all) before making your decision.

Additionally, most mattresses are built to last 7 – 10 years. The lifespan of a boxed mattress is no different. And every mattress we sell comes with a 10-year warranty that ensures you get at least that much mileage out of it.

Myth: If you get it and don’t like it, you’re stuck with it.

Fact: Our 100-night risk-free trial period is there to ensure that you have ample time to test and LOVE your new bed. So the two of you will have time to get acquainted before making a long-term commitment! And if you feel like things aren’t working out, our customer care experts are happy to help process your refund and find you a mattress that does suit your needs.

Myth: You can’t get one with premium features.

Fact: Mattresses in a box tend to get a bad rap for being basic with few bells and whistles. But you’d be surprised at what kinds of modern features you can get with a Zinus. From hybrid to memory foam, our mattresses offer lots of advanced features, like cooling infusions, moisture-wicking covers, sustainable fabrics, and targeted pressure-relief technology.